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A Journey 15 Years in the Making

Since 1999, we’ve been quietly creating all the scratch-baked goodies you have come to love in our cafes. After 15 years we decided it was time to give our behind-the-scenes bakery its own identity – introducing “Troubadour Bakery.”

Slow Made Bread

Building on skills used to prepare scratch-baked pastries, cookies, bagels, and other goods that are an iconic part of Colectivo’s daily cafe experience, the launch of Troubadour heralds the arrival of our thoughtfully developed artisan breads. Our bread is a return to the “old-world ways” of baking: patiently made by hand using simple ingredients, natural leavening, and long fermentation for intensified flavors and keeping qualities – we call it “Slow-Made.” We will offer a unique selection of breads in many different forms (Pan Loaves, Boules, Batards, Baguettes), using a variety of doughs including Sourdough, Multi Grain, Honey Whole Wheat, Sesame Semolina, Challah, and Ciabatta.

Buy Bread in Bay View

Our breads are on sale daily at our Bay View cafe. Stop in and buy a loaf and watch the breads being baked in our custom stone hearth oven, which was shipped from Italy and assembled by two craftsmen on site. Stop in, ask us questions, and buy a loaf.

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Want Colectivo/Troubadour to cater your next event, big or small? We make our food and bakery from scratch and deliver* it daily. Whether it’s for you or for our cafes, we work hard to find the best possible ingredients – many of which are sourced locally from our Wisconsin partners.

Catering Menu (Milwaukee Area)
Catering Menu (Madison Area)
Catering Delivery* Map (delivery* available 6am – 4pm daily)
Call us to place your order – (414) 273-3747 (M-F 8am – 5pm)

*Delivery is not available in the Madison area. $25 service & delivery charge added to each order. For next day delivery, bakery orders must be placed by 10am, lunch orders by 1pm. Troubadour Bakery items available for delivery or cafe pick-up in the Metro Milwaukee area, and cafe pick-up in Madison only. Sandwiches & Salads available for delivery in the Metro Milwaukee area only.

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