Our Story

We are constantly amazed that what started as a small idea to simply do something well has evolved into the organization it is today. Our company began more than a quarter century ago in a Walker’s Point warehouse; co-owners Lincoln, Paul, and Ward bonded over vinyl records and and a strong desire for a better cup of coffee.

Since 1993, we have been sourcing coffees from origin and roasting every batch by hand. Our goal is to deliver a great coffee experience. This means staying involved in every step of the process, developing close partnerships with farmers and cooperatives around the world, and traveling to meet them whenever we can. We are proud to offer our Session Roasted™ coffees in addition to Letterbox Fine Tea, and Colectivo Keg Company craft beers.

We also prepare all of our own baked goods from scratch, made fresh daily at our own Troubadour Bakery. Our artisan breads and scratch-baked goods are made with patience and skill. We believe that knowing our neighbors is important, whether they’re our customer or our vendors. To that end, we value quality ingredients and source locally whenever possible.

Colectivo is independently owned, and we