The Colectivo Guide To Brewing Iced Coffee

Posted: June 18, 2016

Watch the video or read below for step-by-step instructions! (Makes approximately 1 pint/16 oz. of iced coffee)

This method produces a cold and refreshing cup with flavors and aromas most similar to the hot cups of coffee we brew each day. As long as the water and ice ratios are in balance with the overall coffee/water ratios, the process remains simple. The key is to replace some of the water used to brew with ice! What might seem like a stronger brew eventually gets diluted by the melting ice, and aromatics are preserved by rapid cooling.

LET’S DO IT! (pour over style)
Same rules of pour over apply: Use a medium grind, near boiling water, and freshly ground Colectivo Coffee.

  1. Prep! Heat water to a boil, grind coffee, put a filter in the brewer, fill pint glass with ice.
  2. Brew! In goes the coffee (about 3 scoops), then in goes the water.  Pour steadily.
  3. Stop Brewing!  When the brew is about a finger’s width from the top, stop brewing. Now drink.

Adjust to taste. Changing the amounts of any of the three key ingredients (coffee/water/ice) may very well lead you to perfecting your recipe.

Here’s how it all measured up:

Standard Pint Brew = 33g coffee + 510g water (approx. two 8oz cups)
Ice = A pint glass holds about 230 grams of ice (45 percent of the standard water amount) – Subtract 230 from 510, and you have your new suggested amount of brew water, which is 280 grams (approx 1 and 1/4 cups).

On a hot summer day it’s nice to know you can just throw some ice in a glass, coffee in a filter, and just add boiling water.  As long as you keep that water in check, you’ll be left with a tasty, refreshing ice-cold coffee.

Have fun and happy brewing!

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