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An Open Letter To Our Customers


With each day that passes, we’re feeling increasingly optimistic that we’re successfully emerging from the challenges of the past 18 months. No doubt, there will continue to be setbacks including the ongoing evolution of COVID-19 and a historically challenging hiring market, but we believe the future at Colectivo is brighter than ever.  

We reach out to you today to THANK YOU for your ongoing support and patience through one of the most difficult periods we have endured in the company’s history and to provide some background and context on news today that the NLRB has counted several challenged ballots and is expected to certify the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ as the bargaining representative of Colectivo co-workers.  

We are disappointed by this result because a majority of our coworkers did not vote in favor of unionization and because the NLRB counted votes of several individuals who announced their resignations prior to the close of the election.  We don’t think those former coworkers should have been allowed to have a voice in unionization at an organization where they did not intend to work. The outcome is the result of a process that took place last spring and our employee census is dynamic.  At final count, less than one third of the eligible co-workers supported the union, and as of today, it is our best estimate that fewer than 100 of our current 440 co-workers voted for this union.  We will, of course, respect the rules and bargain in good faith.

We will not allow this to change the remarkable Colectivo experience for our customers.  We will remain intensely focused on our customers and the generous and responsible approach we’ve always taken as employers will remain unchanged.  We’re committed to continuing to pay our workers at the top of the market and to actively supporting and engaging in our community.  

We thank you for your support and loyalty. 

Dan, Lincoln, Paul and Ward


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