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Colectivo Session Cold Brew - Brewed In House @ Humboldt HQ!


We're excited to announce our small-batch cold brew facility is now up and running at our Humboldt Bd. headquarters, supplying draft Session Cold Brew and Oat Milk Lattes to nearly all our cafes! Making our kegged Cold Brew in house means we have better control over the final product and can offer the freshest cafe drinks possible!

Our Session Cold Brew is patiently brewed over 18 hours. It’s stronger than hot brewed coffee with a smooth texture and features notes of sweet citrus, berry, and a pleasant chocolate taffy finish. The Cold Brew flavor profile has not changed, but you might notice your drinks taste exceptionally fresh! Our Nitro Oat Milk Latte is a smooth and creamy dairy-free drink, handcrafted with our proprietary cold brew concentrate and oat milk, sweetened with monk fruit and infused with nitrogen.

Plus our Cold Brew facility was designed with sustainability in mind. We maximize water efficiency with relatively low waste, so water used to chill the cold brew is then used to brew the next batch. Plus we've partnered with Compost Crusaders to compost 2,200 to 3,300 pounds of spent grounds each week. Cheers!

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