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Local Vendor Spotlight: Introducing MightyVine Tomatoes!


We recently started working with a great new vendor called Local Foods, a group that works with 150 farmers and producers and can provide full traceability for every product they offer. Through that partnership, we've been able to source locally grown MightyVine tomatoes for our Avocado BLT, Santa Fe Breakfast Sandwich, Turkey Club, and Garden Goddess sandwich. 

MightyVine is a Chicago-based startup that operates state-of-the-art hydroponic tomato greenhouses founded on the simple belief that the best tomatoes are grown close to home. Grown year round under pristine conditions with maximum sustainability, their tomatoes are picked fresh and delivered to the market in hours, not weeks. The hydroponic process includes drip irrigation, using only 10% of the water of field grown tomatoes and eliminating runoff of fertilizers into surrounding waterways.

🐝  MightyVine also has a special team of employees who they refer to as the MightyBees. There are several hives in the greenhouses to naturally pollinate all their plants (each hive has a queen and anywhere between 75-100 worker bees!)

Let's all raise a glass or mug to MightyVine (and those bees) for helping to make our cafe sandwiches so delicious!

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