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Temporary Changes to Coffee Offerings & Grind Options


Can't find your favorite coffee or usual grind setting? 

Please read on and thank you for your understanding! 

As we continue to make adjustments to our business in response to COVID-19, we've had to streamline the number of coffees currently available to web store and wholesale customers. We are also limiting the number of grind settings for online orders to accommodate the most popular range of home brewing needs. We've made these changes so that we can quickly and efficiently ship outgoing orders and to ensure that we are providing you with the freshest coffee possible.

Here are the three current grind options and brew methods for which they apply:

Coarse: percolator, French press, cold brew (e.g., Toddy)
: kitchen countertop coffee maker, pour-over (e.g., Chemex, Hario V60), Aeropress, siphon
: espresso, moka pot, Turkish/Greek/Arab coffee

Below is a list of coffees that will be temporarily unavailable. Recommendations for coffees you may also enjoy are included in parenthesis.

Costa Rica Campeón (Guatemala Quetzal)
Ethiopia Kebero (Colombia Paso Fino)
Mexico Kulaktik (Black & Tan)

Session Coffee™ Blends
Sisters (Co-Optiva)
Espresso Toro (Peacemaker)

Seasonal Specials
Peru Chirinos Los Balcones (Co-Optiva)

Decaf Sumatra (Decaf Dream Harder)
Decaf Toro (Decaf Dream Harder)
Half-Caff Mexico

Please note that this is only a temporary change! Once business resumes as usual we will again offer the normal array of coffees and grind settings. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continuing to supply you with fresh-roasted coffee!

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