Since 1993 (originally as Alterra Coffee) we began sourcing coffee from origin. By developing long-term farmer and co-op partnerships, we can be involved in every step of creating a great coffee experience. By nature, sourcing and roasting delicious coffee can seem like a moving target, and over the last 20 years we have embraced a culture of continual improvement to bolster our efforts. We now offer a wide range of wonderful coffees – from extremely-limited special lots from our favorite farmers, to carefully-managed legacy blends – there is something for every palate. And if we’ve learned one thing along the way, its that there is always more work to be done.Colectivo Roasting
Every single bean we source is roasted, blended, packaged, and shipped fresh from our roastery in the Riverwest neighborhood in Milwaukee. If you stop by the cafe on Humboldt Blvd during the work week, you can grab a seat a few feet away from the roasters and witness every step of the process. All of our coffee is roasted by hand on 2 very-old-but-very-awesome manually-operated Probat roasters, and all of our blending is done after roasting. We proudly roast our coffees in a way that reveals the unique flavors of each origin while maintaining balance and sweetness. The experience of consuming a cup of coffee should be a delight from start to finish, and we have honed our roasting process over the years with that thought in mind. Recently, we gave our roasting style a name – “Session Coffee” – borrowing from a commonly used term for a beer that has a lot of flavor yet remains enjoyable (and not overwhelming) over the course of a few servings. Our team of Roasters, Coffee Buyers and Barista Trainers are as connected to one another as they are to the coffee, and it shows.

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